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Established: 2020

Based: Plymouth, CA

About: 16 Quartz Hop Farm was created with family in mind. A place to learn, grow, and share in the excitements of life!

Different varieties  of hops grow better in California due to the climate and temperature making the soil some of the best in the business. This creates better quality hops and finer tasting beer. We offer a large selection of hops for craft beer and home brewing! 

Meet The Team

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Simon  & Thaya Jones

Simon and Thaya are proud to be called beer-snobs by their friends.  In the VERY early 90’s, Simon jumped on board with the ‘transition’ away from mainstream beer, and after meeting Thaya, quickly turned her to explore other beer types that were out there.  Though the initial beers weren’t necessarily the hop-forward beers of today, we grew to appreciate and love many different styles of beer, and today, we enjoy a good IPA.  Simon has been home-brewing since some time in the 90’s and has since been dreaming of being involved in the brewing industry.  As a chemist, he brings the nuance analytical approach to the hop.  When the terpenes express themselves at the right time is when he is most excited about the hops.  He is excited to see how our hops grow in our soil under the conditions in our part of California, and how they will develop and compare to those in other regions; much like wine grapes called “Terroir”.  We hope that you will be able to join us and our partners in experiencing our farm, and if your time is right, you may even get to taste one of our beers, made with our farm grown hops!! 


--Fill every glass that’s empty,

--Empty every glass that’s full,

--Never leave it empty,

--Never leave it full!!



Vicini Family

Gordon Vicini and his family are 5th generation ranchers in beautiful Amador County. 16 Quartz Hop Farm has taken roots on land that has raised hay for the family's cattle for over 50 years. Supporting our community, honest hard work, and enjoying the journey, are the principles of the Vicini Family. It is with great joy that the new chapter of growing hops has begun. We cannot wait to share the beauty of 16 Quartz Hop Farm with all of you!

Steve (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Steve White

The one with the green thumb! After growing hops at home for many years, Steve was determined to take his hobby to a new level. As a Landscaper for over 20 years, Steve knows the ins and outs of successful plant growth. He is excited to share this journey with his 4 daughters and local community!

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